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tv   [untitled]    May 29, 2013 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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provided for the els. yes, and that is it for my part. >> maria. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] the recommendation that we want to make is in regards to (inaudible) [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> the quality that the substitutes brings to the after school program and the regular school day. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> we want a substitute that
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has the skills and the language that each specific school needs. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> also the agency will be able to evaluate them. >> we also want transparency and monitoring. and [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> the teachers we want to know how often they are getting evaluated. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] we would also like for the substitute to take part for the and with the... we want them to be part of the professional department. [ speaking in a foreign
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language ] so they know what to offer the students and what kind of quality of education they need. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> for example, if they send teachers out of a first grade classroom when a student are learning a second language. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> and these teachers don't speak the primary language that the students speak. [ speaking in a foreign language ] and there is also no communication in regard to what they are going to see during
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that day. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> so that the students are able to receive that high quality education [ speaking in a foreign language ] yeah and we see the high level of education. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> and we continue. >> so my name is (inaudible) jackson flores and my daughter graduated last year and we didn't know that that would happen but it did. on page 2 it says administrator and other staff cultural competency training we have to remove the sensitivity because competency is a required skill for the judgment of someone's character and we don't want to shame and blame anyone. students should find a welcoming culture competent atmosphere. and on page 3, where we talked
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about making recommendations in terms of program goals and objectives, it is going to lump that in with the last page, page 4 that has additional items. and on page 4, where it says that we view the current school program to insure that el students are not segregated or taught. we want to put it together with what was on page 3. in terms of reviewing the effectiveness of the current language bath ways. what we are adding in there was by mistake and we want to receive and recommend the language pathways and are they resegregating our children on the basis of race, culture or language spoken and so that is to the feeder program also and we would like to see if a study could be done of that.
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[ speaking in a foreign language ] >> finalize we want to add a little bit to this. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> we know that there is going to be an inclusion to the general classes. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> we know that there is going to be benefits of this but there is also need and there also needs to be a period of transition while teachers get trained. while the teachers get trained. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ]
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>> so we are asking the board for more support while this transition takes place in the classroom. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> this is for the teachers in the classroom, because we would like for both special education students and general ed students receive the support that they need. >> thank you and good night. >> okay, i have no public speakers signed up for this item. are there any comments from the board? commissioner murase. >> i want to thank the committee and the staff this is an enormous amount of work in the rules last year we worked
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on a rotation schedule so that we can hear from more of our committees and the hard work that you are doing. so this is really very important. i'm amazed at how many responses you got from the survey. and this really very good showing in terms of results. and i think that we really need to look seriously at your recommendations. i think elac and delac, has been neglected and it is good to see what you have accomplished in one short year and we want to acknowledge the staff and the committee members for that. >> i just want to make two side announcements for the committee member who is looking for activities for her son. there is an aim high program which is designed for low income families in the summer to provide some academic enrichment and i announced at the last meeting recreation and
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parks department offers the scholarships for the programs and if the rec and park programs are free for any residents of public housing. >> thank you >> commissioner wynns? >> thank you. >> i want to thank the committee. i have some and i think that we need a better coordination, it seems to me that a lot of the questions that you asked are perfectly legitimate. and we need, if we had more coordination, maybe with our board committees so i don't know if a budget presentation has been made but it certainly should be so that we can go to the next level of saying because i am always not just me but all of us are committed to open the budget and our staff and we have been working on that, and asking for suggests and relationships for a long time. and so my instinct is to say what do you mean? and i realize that what you
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have been saying is that nobody is giving you a presentation on the budget it does not appear so. so we could take this discussion your recommendations to the next level if we knew that all of the foundational work was or communication with difference departments was being done for you. so that we quao have those conversations and so i'm might have a few specific suggestions but frankly i think that the staff should go through the recommendations and say that let's get you all of this information so that you can have a report or you can set up some special time to have to be more helpful. >> i mean to us. >> thank you. >> i just like to appreciate all of the recommendations that you guys did go out to the ad. and i know that it will effect these students in much need. but i also would like to ask how much it would cost to
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toughen in an outside agency to verify the quality to insurance. do you know? >> we are not sure, how much it would cost, so that we could get some information from them. >> commissioner maufas? >> thank you, president norton. >> i want to appreciate the hard work and also coming forward and it has been a long time in trying to schedule the rotation of our committee that advise us and clearly, you can here today is the perfect example of why it was necessary that we rotate, so we hear from you and you come forward with so much information. and all of the work that you have done before you got here thank you so much and thank all of the committee members who are not here today. as well for their hard work.
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i feel like i have been watching the delac for quite a few years really get its footing and ramp up with consistentcy and so i am glad that you all have stuck with it and stayed involved and participate with however many number of children you have and it is tough to come and volunteer for this. and so i want to thank you and i know that all of the board members will thank you as well. i definitely really appreciate and i notice that i tipped off two on the additional items which is that yes, you should be getting timely written, and auto dialer notifications for parent meetings easily two to three days ahead of time. a week ahead of time, let's be clear any parent needs that, so i don't know what school community has to hear that to understand that that is an absolutely necessary if you want the parents involved and at the school site participating, and that is like
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rule number one and give us plenty of notice so we can get there and arrange for our families to be taken care of and then i really appreciate the comment about reviewing the current school theater program to insure that el students are not segregated offer tracted. thank you for saying that. >> sometimes we just have to hear it. so people who may unconsciously or subconsciously be doing something that they don't even recognize that they are doing in a process. but thank you for saying it, and helping us to remember that we have to make certain that everyone is treated fairly and we have a true diversety and mix in our program and process. and lastly i want to echo what commissioner murase has said about the survey, the amazing number of respondents that is really very significant and helps bring the survey a lot of credibility and some of these
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comments. i wanted to highlight the question about do you know if your elac participates in the development of the school balance score card? because i have 62 percent don't know. that is an issue. and then the elac participate in the development of the school site budget? 64 percent said this they don't know. so that is just as significant as saying, no. that people don't know. so that kind of information is really key to us understanding how it is really working at the school site level. and your comments, i am sorry. i am pointing to you but your comments about the certain responses about how money is used, that is well taken. and i am grateful that you said that. because we know that happens. and we need to address it. but, i want to say that the other good side is that you know when i see that you have received information and materials, in a different
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language and program models for english learners and 62 percent said yes and so people are getting some information and i believe that quite a few from this number and you received information to identify annually, how to evaluate the students professioncy and 64 percent said yes, and that also indicates that lots of what you are doing for the good is happening. and people are talking about it and understanding that is happening and so kutos for us for making movement and clearly there is definitely areas where we could use the improvement but again, you come forward with this to tell us and as a matter of fact let us tell us and tell it to the listening audience and most people watching and so i am grateful for your service and volunteering and please stay engaged because we need to hear from you and the families need to know what you know and i know that you go to the schools and dissiminate that information. thank you for supporting the members.
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>> thanks, fewer. >> thank you norton. and thank you for these recommendations which actually it is sort of a little upsetting to see that it is a recommendation that we are actually not doing it and probably we could get a report on this about supplemental report for the students after and what kind of support are students seeing and because the classification is actually at a fairly low level at reclassification. and so they would need some support afterwards and then also, the budget transparency, and so i think that it is a job of the site administrator to explain the budget to the elac. i am sorry, that is... i mean that you could have it as a budget committee, but that does not take the place of the site administered as responsibility to act and to show the elac exactly, i was on a 11 school site counsels and i still don't understand everything. and i am on the board of education, so i feel like, at the school site that is the
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principal's responsibility and so if the principal is not... i think that issue be reported and to brought to the attention of the district and executive staff and the board. and if that information is not fourth coming from a principal and then perhaps we can even devise some sort of form i am thinking that shows where the funding stream is coming from and an explanation of what the funding streams and to do a practical sort of exercise on how a budget might look and because each as i am looking at this sample budget here and i think that it is much clearer than any of the budgets that i have been on, i still see that i can understand how parents still would not understand where this money is going and actually, we have the way to receive the formula that does have money set aside because we know that it takes more money to educate children who are learning english as a second language. and are also students with special needs and also students in poverty, we know that it takes more to educate them and
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therefore more money comes to school sites to serve these students and therefore, those moneys should be used in this service and then also, i think, what is really important also, is your recommendation around instructional services. so the recommendation that we continue and we recommend continued improvement during the english language development segment of instruction. we would like it to be increased in 30 minutes to 60 minutes. and you know that is a very, valid recommendation. and because as we are looking at also our scores for our els we are looking at our english language development time is precious time for them and so it should be used well this 30 minutes is not enough and i think that our data is telling us so. so we have could have a follow up on the staff from the recommendation and i don't think that it is solid and i also want to echo what commissioner maufas saids about
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the current program and i think that it is savvy of you to know that this could lead to the segregated populations in the school with the very nature of what we are doing and we have the language programs and it is actually the same thing and thank you for bringing it to our attention and i am going to suggest it in the committee that we might want to follow up at a meeting and see where we are on it and also examine the data that also supports these recommendation and thank you for your service. >> yes, commissioner haney? >> echo, the appreciation for your work and for your service and i just learned a tremendous amount from your presentation so thank you. one of the things that i do want to also point out and appreciate, is under your additional items, where you strongly recommend that we advocate to raise this concern around the levels at which the income brackets are set for title one and eia and i know
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that is important that i know that they strongly recommend and i think that is something that you should follow up on and should work together and it is something that we should discuss and see if there is advocacy that we can do and thank you for raise thating and it is a lot harder to raise a family in terms of the cost of living in san francisco and so i appreciate that you brought that up and hopefully we can work together on that so thank you. >> i think that everybody has covered and i want to echo that for the service and for the report. it is informative and i think that there is a number of follow up issues that we can dig into and it is always helpful to hear it from the ground, the perspective of the various groups so thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us tonight. >> and with that, we are going to move on to pause for plause. [ applause ] >> we are going to move on with the agenda and so we have item
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m, no discussion of educational issues and item n, consent calendar moved to a previous meeting and there are none. >> item o, vote on consent calendar which was moved and he coulded. >> roll call. >> miss ly. >> yeah. >> fewer. >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes. >> mendoza murase. >> aye. >> wynns. >> aye. >> and we have one item severed for board discussion i believe that was b6, and i see mr. kinsy in the audience, you had a question? >> thank you, for staying and waiting for this, i appreciate that very, very much. could you speak a little bit about just some of the concerns that were mentioned and here is the thing, just from reading this i don't think yeah, i
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would have never known any of that information. so i am just looking just for some more guidance from you about how we came to this decision particularly since i don't know anything about the western states contracting alliance and why you think that they are more beneficial than the folks that we have had since 2007. >> thank you. >> my name is matt and i am the chief technology officer at the san francisco unified school district. so, every five years or so, the purchasing department wants us to go through, and the contract expired and so we don't have an active contract with them as a result of that we looked at several factors but the chief was the price, so the western states contract alliance is a large purchasing organization that goes out and does the bids
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for us and usually secures decent pricing for us that is lower than what we have if we tried to go on our own. so that is why we felt it was more beneficial and so there are a couple of options one we can piggy back on their work or try to do it ourself and go out for the request of proposal. working with the purchasing department the decision was to move forward with the western states contract and alliance, and then we submitted the board for authorization to do that. >> and so, if i understood what you said, there is no sort of open bid process for a contract that ends, could be pretty significant. and did the purchasing department sort of just determine who can offer us the best pricing for the services that we need and require. and then present that to you for the decision and you sthaend to us,; is that correct?? >> that is correct. we can either do the only open
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bid process or piggy bag on the process by another authorization and so what we are asking for tonight is the piggy back on the open bid process done another organization. >> thank you. >> any other questions? >> roll call? >> thank you. >> ly >> yes. >> fewer. >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes. >> mendoza. >> murase. >> aye. >> wynns. >> aye. >> norton. >> aye. >> item q, superintendent proposals first receipteding there are none. >> r, board members proposals first reading there are none. >> item s, we have aseveral reports beginning with the committee of the whole from may 21st. vice president fewer?
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>> thank you president norton for refreshing my memory. we had a lively discussion on the reauthorization of the public enrichment education fund and also the children's fund. >> a report from the augmented budget and business services committee commissioner wynns? >> thank you. >> so, the committee met on may 22nd, we had one action item. but any way we discussed this was a meeting that was all of the budget committee meetings was it was augmented but we did it and we were particularly interested that the members of the rules committee was able to be there instead of having the rules committee because we had the legislative advocate coming to discuss the may revise with us and we hope that is something that we should sort of talk about during
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legislative season. because, we, it is much more effective when we have the advocates here to discuss and so we always end up talking about the budget at the rules committee what we immediate and this was timed so that it would be right after the main revision and we would get the update on the budget so that instead we have them talk also about the legislative positions and we actually updated some of the positions, i don't know if commissioner haney wants to report on that. but i am presuming that all of the members of the board got the materials that include the, or which we should have or which you should have gotten after the committee meeting not the ones that we got at the committee so that the positions we took could be updated there. >> so that was the interesting thing to do. and it seemed to work pretty well. >> and then, we had our usual informational item for the kresolutions which are getting now on-line, members of the board not in the hard copy and so you should, you know, tell us if that is working for you
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and you are having the opportunity to review them as you want to. if you have any questions you want to ask about any of them besides coming to the meeting where the staff that you can refer them to miss casco or to me. and then the most important thing is that we had the update on the state budget and on our own budget as far as what we learned from the may revision and so what we have, and i presume that all of the members of the board have gotten this updated document. no? >> did you get them? >> this is the same document that you had before, which of the three-year projection and this is the two-year projection based on the may revision that looks better and also is a fairly conservative estimate of what we might get from what we think, what we think is going
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to be passed by the legislature, but, of course, we don't actually know. so, what in, and we were the staff was before the may revision, working on trying to close a projected 11-plus million dollar deficit for next year and now they are working on a 5.3 million deficit and that is a good change and a good thing that is a hole to be filled and we should remember that and so we had some questions about both increased expenditures and increased revenue the amount details about what is in the increased expenses as well as the increased revenues will be forth coming and you will get all of that prior or it will be contained, actually in the draft budget that you are going to get on june 7th. 7th in really? on june 7th.
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>> and then, so, the committee members have some questions about what those costs were and what we think that we can afford with the... and we hope but you remember that the budget will not be and the safe budget will not be passed by june 7th and however the state budget is required to be passed and balanced by june 15th and now that the members of the legislature don't get paid, and unless it is. we have seen surprisingly that they actually do pass it. and before we do have the next meeting which is augmented budget committee meeting on june 18th, at 6:00 in this room which we hope that you will all attend because if you recall that was a tuesday between the first and the second board meetings in june and that meeting functions as the public hearing on the budget so come to the first budget, come to the first meeting in june with your questions or we can discuss it at the first meeting but the detail and the public
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input will take place the following tuesday, are there any other meetings that the board members should know about? the budget development between now and then? or the next thing is the draft budget coming to us? >> yeah. >> that radio listeners. >> definitely. >> and so that is what we did at the meeting and it, you know, it is sort of better news, i hesitate to say good news but better news. >> thank you. >> if i may, just to share information with anyone who is interested or might be about one additional opportunity, this is for members of our community, we have blocked out two hours tomorrow for office hours which we have been doing for the last few years and
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there are slots available and if anybody would like to find out for a block of time to give a specific feedback or ask questions, superintendent you can be a first in line after the community members. you can contact, there is a specific phone number and e-mail address, i think that it is budget at to sign up and we have had, i would say a pretty successful series of community meetings this year, i think that we have had a total of four, and i think that those have gone fairly well. i definitely took note of the conversation with the delac that took place earlier and i will note that for a future reference as well. >> thank you. that is all good news. >> okay. we also have the city and school district collect committee and since i am the only member of the committee who was there and also here